Order Process

Please be aware of the following navigation experiences:

Experience #1
Once you start your order, the products you purchase are placed in a Yahoo! Store shopping cart. If you decide to order more items you click on the Keep Shopping button and are sent back to the product list page called Pro Shop. Back at the Pro Shop page if you decide there is really nothing else you wish to order at this time, there is no way to directly return you to the shopping cart.

You will need to order another item to get back to the shopping cart, then click on remove to delete the item you don't want.


Experience #2
On the Order Confirmation page, the last page in the order process, you need to click on the "Keep Shopping" button to exit the page. You will be returned to the Golfrageous Pro Shop page where you can order additional product, our choice, or you can exit our site to return another day.


Experience #3
Also on the order confirmation page, you will see a link called view orders. If you click on this link you will exit the Golfrageous web site and sent to a Yahoo! Shopping page that shows all orders you've placed with any Yahoo! Store. To return to Golfrageous click on the Back Arrow in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. This will return you to the Order Confirmation page, where you will then click on the Keep Shopping button, as in Experience #2.

Our team of crack web site developers are working feverishly to improve the site navigation. Please have patience.

We want you, our customer, to have the best possible ordering experience and to not worry abut any problems with the ordering process. If you do incur a problem please contact us at customerservice@golfrageous.com.

Please provide feedback, it's our best source of information for improving the site and the products.

Thank you again for visiting the Golfrageous web site.


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